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House MD icon awards

Welcome House MD fans!

house_md_awards is the Icon Awards community for nominating your favourite icons from the tv show House MD.
Inpired by communities like lost_awards , hp_awards, gg_awards , etc.

First of all JOIN the community, only members can post noms.

You can nominate your favourite House icons in the following categories:

All In -> best icon overall
Alone -> best character icon (one character only)
The Jerk -> best Dr Gregory House icon
The Right Stuff -> best Original Ducklings icon (meaning Chase, Foreman, Cameron and any combination of them)
Kids -> best Newbie icon (13, Amber, Kutner, Taub)
Occam's Razor -> best cropping
Spin -> best animated icon
Love Hurts -> best shipper icon
Meaning -> best textless icon
Words And Deeds -> best use of text
Euphoria -> best use of colour
Skin Deep -> best black & white icon
Mirror Mirror -> most creative icon
Act Your Age -> best funny icon
Wilson's Heart -> best emotional icon
Histories -> best actor/actress from the TV show icon


1. All icons must be related to the TV show House MD.
2. All icons nominated must fit LJ size requirements. (Under 40KB and 100x100 pixels or smaller.)
3. For every icon that you nominate of your own you must nominate one by someone else.
4. Try not to nominate an icon that had won in any category before. We like variety.
5. You can have limitless nominations, but please limit nominated icons from one artist to 4-5.
6. Using lj-cuts or not when posting the noms is your choice. But if you use a cut, please make sure that you put at least one nominated icon (the 'All In' one preferably) outside the cut.
7. When posting nominations you must put the username of the maker next to each icon. Make sure to nominate the LJ USERNAME, not the community's name, because some icon communities have more than one artist.
8. Please upload the nominated icons to your own album, like Photobucket.

Fill out this form when nominating:


1. At the end of the week there will be a post for voting.
2. Please do not vote for your own icons.


Nominations: Monday-Friday
Voting: Saturday-Sunday (closed at midnight -GMT)
Winners Announced: Monday (after the Winners post is up, you can post your noms again)

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